Jewellery to stim by

I am an autistic person who stims. Stimming is a way to overcome the stresses of interactions with people, with things, with noise, and smells, and lights. So many things crowd our senses and repetitive, soothing activities help to negate them. Stimming can include stroking, or just feeling soft fabrics. It can involve repeating aContinue reading “Jewellery to stim by”

Victorian-style Cuff

It started with a cuff … well, a metal pre-formed frame … and transformed into this beautiful, statement jewellery item that belies the simplicity of its creation. Stage 1 use ribbon of your choice to wrap around the pre-formed cuff, top to bottom (depending on your design idea, the ribbon can be any fabric, anyContinue reading “Victorian-style Cuff”

Make a simple coiled bracelet

Memory wire bracelet The most straightforward bracelet to create uses a special wire that, quite simply, retains the memory of its coil. Memory wire is available in three common size coils: choker, bracelet, and ring. To complete the design it is more usual to glue a small half-drill bead at each end.The size of theContinue reading “Make a simple coiled bracelet”

Valentine Day jewellery: 2

Say it with hearts Perfect in rose quartz, pale pink quartz beads and pearls. Everything I design and create is unique. If you like this jewellery set please like, share, and comment. I really appreciate your feedback – and it helps me to develop.For more details about the jewellery I design please use the contactContinue reading “Valentine Day jewellery: 2”

Valentine Day jewellery: 3

Under-stated bracelet in pastel quartz beads.Three LOVE text beads make this piece extra special. Chunky silver-tone bangles in leather, featuring magnetic clasps.Easy on the eye, and easy to wear. Everything I design and create is unique.If you like these bracelets please like, share, and comment.I really appreciate your feedback – and it helps me toContinue reading “Valentine Day jewellery: 3”

Valentine’s Day jewellery

Beautifully delicate necklace and earrings in lilac, pale rose, and sterling silver. Features heart-shaped beads, with sterling silver heart beads and cut-out charm. If you like this jewellery set please like, share, and comment.For more details please use the contact email address. Thank you for looking.