Gema Designs

created with passion

jewels & gemstones

unique jewellery designs feature semi-precious gemstones, and sterling silver

fabrics & yarns

individuality is key to my satchels, messenger bags, and totes created in fun fabrics


my journey towards greater environmental awareness, with ideas for eco-friendly makes

thoughts and ideals
  • increasing environmental awareness
  • re-using and re-cycling
  • creating easy-to-use items
  • looking after the natural world

life is too short to put off making a difference –
start by making today different

about me

Creativity is a mainstay of my life, and being creative allows me to explore my individuality.
Blending and contrasting colour and texture is at the core of my designs.

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This is where I share thoughts on mental health and neuro-diversity issues. You’ll also find poetry and photography, stories and surreal images, tales and travels.